Apply Underline, Bold and Italic

Category : 7th Class

*   Apply Underline, Bold and Italic



  • To set the underline style.
  • Select the required underline style from the Underline style drop-down list.
  • To set the underline colour.
  • Select the required underline colour from the Underline colour drop-down list.
  • To apply a particular effect on the text:
  • Select the check box for the particular effect such as shadow from the Effects section.    




*  MS Word also enables the following alternative methods that you can use to apply underline, bold and italic:

  • Click B Bold to make the selected text bold.
  • Click U Underline to underline the selected text.
  • Click I Italic to make the selected text italic.  


*  Apply Colour in Document

Word enables colour palette that helps to use colour in your document.  


*  To apply font colour:

  • Select the text
  • Click Format  Font to open Font dialog box, as shown in the given figure:
  • Select the required font colour from the Font colour drop - down list.


*  To highlight the text with colour:

  • Select the text
  • Open the drop down colour palette by clicking Highlight, as shown in the given figure:
  • Select the required colour.


* Printing Document                  

  • To print document you need to perform the following steps:
  • Click File menu and select print option to open Print dialog box, as shown in the given figure:                                


  • Click the Printer icon on the Standard toolbar.
  • In the Copies option, type the number of copies that is to be printed.
  • Click OK.  



NOTE: Ctrl + P can be used to print the entire file.  


*  Words Counting

MS Word allows you to count number of pages, words, character (no space), character (space), paragraph, and lines in a document.  


* To apply word count: 

  • Select Tools  Word Count to display the Word Count Dialog box, as shown in the given figure:

The Word Count Dialog box displays all information including number of page, words, character (no space), character (space), paragraph and lines in a document.


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