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Selecting Text

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*     Selecting Text


The manipulated text can be selected by using the following two techniques:  


*  Selecting text using keyboard

To select text using keyboard you need to place the cursor at the beginning of the text that is to be selected and hold down the Shift key. Now with the help of down and right arrow key select the text. You can also select whole document text by pressing Ctrl + A key or select Edit  Select All option.  


* Selecting text using mouse

To select text using mouse you need to press and hold the left mouse button. Move the mouse pointer to the other end of the text; this creates a highlighted area between the two ends. Then release the mouse. You can also select a paragraph by clicking the paragraph twice.  


* Entering and Editing Text

To enter the text in blank document you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the new document
  • Place the cursor at appropriate positions of text area.
  • Type the relevant text.    


* To edit the text in previous document you need to perform the following steps: 

  • Open the existing document
  • Placed the cursor at appropriate position where you want to perform change.
  • Type the relevant text.
  • Click File  Save

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