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Creating a Shortcut

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*     Creating a Shortcut


Accessing a file or folder from its original location takes more time. Shortcut allows accessing a file easily. Using shortcut you can save time to open a file.  


*  Keyboard Shortcuts  


*  To create a keyboard shortcut:

  • Open any application, such as Paint. Select Paint from the start menu and open it.
  • Right-click on the application name, Paint. The short cut menu appears.
  • Click Properties to open it, as shown in the following figure:
  • Click Shortcut tab and move the insertion point to the shortcut key text box
  • Type a letter of your choice, such as P. The word 'None' will remain until you click Apply.
  • Now the text box will display Ctrl +Alt +P, which means you need to press all the three keys simultaneously to open Paint.
  • Click OK.  



*   Desktop Shortcuts


A desktop shortcut allows you to open an application directly from desktop. You do not need to go exact location of the application. To create a desktop shortcut for paint:

  • Open the Windows Explorer\ My Computer and locate the Paint application.
  • Right-click the application to open the shortcut menu.
  • Click create shortcut.  

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