Machine Language

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*   Machine Language


Machine language is the lowest level computer language that is directly understood by a program. The machine language is also called 1GL. This language is directly processed by microprocessor. There is no need to any translator. Machine language is sometime called native code. Writing program in machine language is very typical task. You can lot write program in machine language directly. Machine language is created by programs called assemblers, interpreter and compiler.  


*  Assemblers

Assemblers translate the assembly language code (source program) into machine language code (object program), after assembling; a linker program is used to convert the object program into an executable program. The MASM (Microsoft Assembler Program) and Borland TASM (Turbo Assembler Program) are two popular assemblers. Assemblers are used mainly in development of system software.  


* Interpreters

Instructions of a high-level language are coded in many statements. At the time of their execution, they are converted statement by statement into machine code, by using system software, called Interpreters. For example, programs written in BASIC language are executed by using BASICA or GWBASIC interpreters. There are certain disadvantages of interpreters. As instructions are translated and executed simultaneously using interpreters. They are very slow for executing large programs. Hence, interpreters are not suitable for most of the applications development.  


* Compilers

Is system software that provides faster execution speed. Compilers do not translate and execute the instructions at the same time. They translate the entire program into machine code. Compilers are widely used in translating code of high-level languages, such as COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, Turbo/ Quick BASIC, Turbo/ Microsoft C, Java, etc. Mostly compilers are preferred in development of application software. Compilers are not only working as a translator they also debug syntax error and compile time error.  

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