10th Class English Two Gentlemen of Verona by A.J. Cronin Question Bank 10th CBSE English Two Gentlemen of Verona by A.J. Cronin

  • question_answer As the narrator, write an article on the lesson of love, faith and trust that you have learnt from the two young boys of Verona.   (VBQ)     


                    The power of love, faith and trust not only rewards an individual but the entire human society with optimism, hope and inspiration. I came across two young boys named Nicola and Jacopo on my trip to Verona. I always found them struggling to earn their living by running errands, selling newspapers, shining shoes and taking visitors around the town. I was told that these two boys had lost their father in the war and also lost their home. They had a sister named Lucia. After the war, they found their sister suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. They earned and saved money to keep their sister in a good hospital and get her treated. These small children held on to their values in such difficult circumstances when even adults would often give up or lose hope. Such love, faith and trust are difficult to find in this harsh world today. Nicola and Jacopo from Verona became my heroes who taught me a lesson of love, faith and trust.

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