10th Class Science Metals and Non-metals Question Bank 10th CBSE Science Metals and Non-metals

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      Gold is a very precious metal. Pure gold is very soft it is therefore not suitable for making jewellery. It is alloyed with either silver or copper to make it hard. But sometimes jewellers mix a large quantity of copper and silver in gold to earn more profit.                               Read the above passage and answer the   following questions                       (a) What precautions should you take while purchasing gold jewellery?        (b) Why does government insist onpurchasing hall marked jewellery? (c) What value is associated with the given  passage?    


                      (a) We should always purchase the gold jewellery  from a branded shop with proper receipt and hall  mark certificate.                 (1) (b) Government insists on purchasing hall marked jewellery as it contains the gold and its alloyed  metal (i.e., copper or silver) in a fixed ratio.                                                          (1)   (c) The value associated with the passage is that consumers should be more careful and educated and thus cannot be befooled easily while  shopping jewellery and other products. (1)

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