9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank 9th CBSE Social Science Electoral Politics

  • question_answer   Here are some reports of malpractices in Indian elections. Identify what the problem in each case is. What should be done to correct the situation? Following the announcement of elections, the minister promised to provide financial aid to reopen the closed sugar mill. Opposition parties alleged that their statements and campaign was not given due attention in Doordarshan and All India Radio.                                     An inquiry by the Election Commission showed that electoral rolls of a state contain name of 20 lakh fake voters. The hoodlums of a political party were moving with guns, physically preventing supporters of other political parties to meet the voters and attacking meetings of other parties.           


                      (a) The minister by promising to provide financial aid to the sugar mill broke electoral code of conduct. According to the election law, no minister or member of the legislature can take decisions regarding projects which could influence the elections. The said minister should not be allowed to contest the election. (b) All the parties should be given adequate time to express their views on Doordarshan and All India Radio. This has already been done by the Election Commission and time is fixed for different political parties. (c) The electoral rolls of that state should be fully revised and names of all the fake voters should be removed from the voters' list. (d) This is also a malpractice adopted by certain candidate and even by political parties during the elections. Movement of people with guns and other arms should be strictly banned. The hoodlums should be arrested and the party use them could be warned or banned from contesting elections for a certain period. The candidates must be provided with security by the state and steps should be taken to ensure that meeting of other parties are not disturbed or attacked.


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