7th Class Social Science Fundamental Rights and Duties Question Bank A Shirt in the Market - Match the Pair

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    1. retailer a. export order
    2. spin b. temporary worker
    3. Tirupur c. yarn
    4. overseas d. intermediary
    5. weaver e. T-shirts

    A) (1)-(D),(2)-(C),(3)-(E),(4)-(A),(5)-(B)

    B) (1)-(C),(2)-(D),(3)-(A),(4)-(B),(5)-(E)

    C) (1)-(B),(2)-(E),(3)-(D),(4)-(C),(5)-(A)

    D) (1)-(E),(2),(A),(3)-(B),(4)-(D),(5)-(C)

    E) (1)-(A),(2)-(B),(3)-(C),(4),(E),(5)-(D)

    Correct Answer: A

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