4th Class Science Animals Question Bank Animal Life - I (Adaptation in Animals)

  • question_answer Match the following animals with their adaptations that help these animals to survive in winter.
    (i) migrate long distances
    (ii) undergoes hibernation
    (iii) grow thick fur on its body.

    A)          \[P-ii,Q-i,R-iii\]

    B)  \[P-i,Q-ii,R-iii\]

    C)  \[P-iii,\text{ }Q-ii,\text{ }R-iii\]

    D)  \[~P-ii,Q-iii,R-i\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    A frog undergoes hibernation when the weather is too cold. A bear grows thick fur to provide warmth and tern migrate to long distances.


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