4th Class Science Animals Question Bank Animals

  • question_answer Ram, Achin, Divya and Ritu were discussing about a grassland community. The community was made up of grass, antelopes and lions.
    The children made the following remarks about the grassland community.
    Ram : The source of all energy for all the populations in the grassland community, comes directly or indirectly from the Sun.
    Achin : The grass population is much greater than the antelope population in order to support the energy needs of the antelope population.
    Divya : There will be more lions than antelopes in the grassland community because energy is passed from the antelopes to the lions.
    Ritu   : Without the grass population, only the antelope population will be affected but not the lion population.
    Which of the children made a correct remark?

    A) Ram only

    B) Ram, Achin and Divya only

    C) Ram and Achin only

    D) All of them

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Ram and Achin made the correct statements. Divya made an incorrect statement as the antelope population will be much more than the lion population in order to support the energy needs of the lion population. Ritu also made an incorrect statement because without the grass population, both antelope population and lion population will be negatively affected as lion feeds on antelope and antelope feeds on grass.


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