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  • question_answer Match List-I (Applications) with List-II (Choice of bearings) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
    List-I (Application) List-II (Choice of Bearings)
    A. Granite table of a coordinate measuring machine 1. Hydrodynamic bearing
    B. Headstock spindle of a lathe 2. Deep groove ball bearing
    C. Crank shaft of a lathe 3. hydrostatic bearing diesel engine
    D. Armature of 0.5 kW induction motor 4. Taper roller bearing

    A) A\[\to \]1, B\[\to \]4, C\[\to \]3, D\[\to \]2

    B) A\[\to \]3, B\[\to \]2, C\[\to \]1, D\[\to \]4

    C) A\[\to \]1, B\[\to \]2, C\[\to \]3, D\[\to \]4

    D) A\[\to \]3, B\[\to \]4, C\[\to \]1, D\[\to \]2

    Correct Answer: B

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