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  • question_answer If k = 3 for hail bearings and k = 3.33 for roller bearings, which one of the following correctly states the load (P) - Life (L) relationship for rolling contact bearings? 

    A) \[\frac{{{L}_{1}}}{{{L}_{2}}}\,=\,{{\left( \frac{{{p}_{1}}}{{{p}_{2}}} \right)}^{k}}\]                       

    B) \[\frac{{{L}_{1}}}{{{L}_{2}}}\,=\,{{\left( \frac{{{p}_{1}}}{{{p}_{2}}} \right)}^{\frac{1}{(k-1)}}}\]

    C) \[\frac{{{L}_{2}}}{{{L}_{1}}}\,=\,{{\left( \frac{{{p}_{1}}}{{{p}_{2}}} \right)}^{k}}\]                       

    D) \[\frac{{{L}_{2}}}{{{L}_{1}}}\,=\,{{\left( \frac{{{p}_{1}}}{{{p}_{2}}} \right)}^{k-1}}\]   

    Correct Answer: C

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