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  • question_answer Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
    List-I (Name) List-II (Type)
    A. Oldham coupling 1. Joins collinear shafts and is rigid type.
    B. Flange coupling 2. Joins non-collinear shafts and is adjustable.
    C. Universal coupling 3. Joins collinear shafts and engages and disengages them during motion.
    D. Friction coupling 4. Compensates peripheral shafts, longitudinal and angular shifts of shafts.

    A) A\[\to \]2, B\[\to \]1, C\[\to \]4, D\[\to \]3

    B) A\[\to \]3, B\[\to \]2, C\[\to \]1, D\[\to \]4

    C) A\[\to \]1, B\[\to \]4, C\[\to \]2, D\[\to \]3

    D) A\[\to \]2, B\[\to \]3, C\[\to \]1, D\[\to \]4

    Correct Answer: A

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