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    Shilpi is planning to start a business. She is having a place where she will establish her factory. But she has no space for warehouse. She is under an impression that she must have a private warehouse if she wants to run business successfully She not having enough funds to own a private warehouse.
    (a) Is she right in her opinion?
    (b) What are other options she has?


    Ans.     (a) No, she is not right.
    (b) She has following two options
    (i) Public warehouse: Govt. regulates their operation by issuing licenses for them to private parties. They can be used for storage of goods by traders, manufactures or public after payment of fees.                           
    (ii) Cooperative warehouse: Owned, managed and controlled by some marketing cooperative societies for their own members. In India, the National cooperative Development cooperation is developing co-operative warehouse

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