10th Class Mathematics Triangles Question Bank Case Based (MCQs) - Triangles

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    Direction: Q. 21 to 25
    Nazima is fly fishing in a stream. The tip of her fishing rod is \[\text{1}.\text{8 m}\] above the surface of the water and the fly at the end of the string rests on the water \[3.6\text{ m}\]away and \[2.4\text{ m}\] from a point directly under the tip of the rod. Assuming that her string (from the tip of her rod to the fly) is taut, answer the following questions given below:
    How much string does she have out?

    A) \[1\,m\]

    B) \[1.5\,m\]

    C) \[2.5\,m\]

    D) \[3\,m\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Length of the string that she has out \[=\sqrt{{{(1.8)}^{2}}+{{(2.4)}^{2}}}\]
    (Using Pythagoras theorem)         
    \[\therefore \]  She has 3 m string out.                      
    So, option [d] is correct.

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