4th Class Science Food, Shelter and Cloths Question Bank Clothing

  • question_answer Refer to the given graph showing temperature changes at a place over a year. Select the correct option regarding it.

    A)  At time P, one should wear a sweatshirt and woolen pants.

    B)  At time Q, one should wear muffler and woolen gloves.

    C)  At time R, one should wear shorts and cotton t-shirt.

    D)  None of these

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    At time P, temperature is above 40°C so it is very hot. One should wear shorts, cotton t-shirts, etc. at this time. At time Q, temperature is moderate, i.e., neither very hot nor too cold. So one cannot wear muffler and woollen gloves at this time. At time R, temperature is below 10°C. Thus, it is winter time so one should wear sweatshirts and woollen pants at this time.


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