7th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Comprehension Prose and Poetry

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    Read the following stories and answer the questions that follow:
    Once upon a time, a miller and his young son were going along a road. They had their ass with them. Hardly had they covered a few metres when they came across a person who laughed and said, "How foolish both of you are! Can't one of you ride on the ass?" Hearing this, the son rode on the animal, and the father walked along.
    About two hundred metres away, they met an old man who said, "Look at this shameless youngster! He is merrily riding on the ass, while his father is trudging his way." This was enough for the boy to get off the animal. Now, the miller himself rode on it. After five minutes, they met another man who made fun of the old man, saying, "Look at the old man! He's too selfish to think of the young boy." These stinging words made the poor miller get off the ass.
    Now, the father and the son tied the ass to two poles with the help of ropes. They carried the animal on their shoulders, to the great amusement of the passers-by. As they were crossing a bridge over a river, the ass got impatient. It kicked itself free, but was drowned in the deep water.
    The first person laughed at the miller and his son because _____.

    A) both of them were going with a donkey

    B) neither of them was using the ass for a ride  

    C) the ass was looking funny

    D) none of the above

    Correct Answer: B

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