1st Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Comprehension (Prose and Poetry)

  • question_answer Directions: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions from the options given below When Gandhiji was in school, there was a surprise visit by an Education Inspector. The Education Inspector decided to take a dictation test of all the students in the class. He gave five words, out of which 6andhiji got four correct except for one. The word was 'Kettle. His teacher saw his spelling and prompted him to copy from one of his neighbour's. But Gandhiji refused to cheat. Everyone in his class got all the spellings correct, except for gandhiji. He was even scolded by his teacher for that. Despite this incident Gandhiji's respect for his teachers never went down. What did the teacher do after the inspector left?

    A) He praised him

    B) He scolded him for spelling mistake.

    C) He sent him out of the class

    D) he gave him sweets

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

        The teacher scolded him for his spelling mistake.


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