6th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Comprehension (Prose and Poetry)

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    Read the following stories and poetry and answer the questions choosing the most appropriate option:
    2. King Metabo
    King Metabo was a famous javelin thrower. One day he went out hunting with his daughter, Camille on his back. All of a sudden, the king was attacked by a band of enemies. He had to flee from them until he came to a fast flowing river, which he was unable to swim across because of his daughter on his back. It seemed as if he was lost until he thought of a way out. Tying his daughter to his javelin, he hurled it with all his strength to the other side of the river; then he dived in himself and swam across to where Camille was. His enemies were so amazed that they gave up the chase.
    Why was it difficult for the king to swim across the river? It was difficult for the king to swim across because ______.

    A)  the enemies were chasing him

    B)  the river was flowing fast

    C)  his daughter was on his back  

    D)  he had lost his strength

    Correct Answer: C

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