2nd Class English Conjunctions Question Bank Conjunctions

  • question_answer Directions: Read the passage given below and fill in the blanks choosing the answers from the options given below. Rahul did not like to go to school, (21) ___ he liked to play with his friends. He always tried to find an excuse to not to go to school. (22) ___ he never succeeded. One day suddenly (23) ___ getting ready for school, he said he was not well. His mother got worried (24) ___ she wanted to know what had gone wrong. She did not send Rahul to the school that day. The whole day Rahul kept on lying on the bed. His mother wanted to know the problem. (25) ___ Rahul could not explain, this really worried his mom. (26) ___ she called up the doctor to visit him. The doctor came (27) ___ saw Rahul in the evening. The doctor could not diagnose the problem. This worried Rahul's mother more. She kept on asking Rahul about how he was feeling (28) ___ did not say anything. At 6; 30, in the evening, suddenly Rahul got up (29) ___ said that he was feeling better (30) ___ was going out to play. The moment Rahul said that his mother realized the problem. She came to know that (31) ___ he did not want to go to school (32) ___ he made this excuse. She was very angry. That day she did not allow him to go to play (33), ___ he had lied, he had to face the punishment (34) ___ that she would call up his dad to tell him about today?s incident. Rahul was very scared, (35) ___ he apologized to his mom. He promised his mom that he would never do this again.

    A) but

    B) as            

    C) if                     

    D)          so

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :



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