10th Class Science Control and Coordination Question Bank Control and Co-ordination

  • question_answer The following shows the sequence in the pathway of a nerve impulse through a reflex arc. \[P\to Q\to synapse\to relay\,\,neuron\to synapse\to R\to S\] What does R, Q, R and S represent?                


    P Q R S
    Tongue Motor neuron Sensory neuron Tear glands


    P Q R S
    Muscle Sensory neuron Motor neuron Nose


    P Q R S
    Eye Motor neuron Sensory neuron Muscle


    P Q R S
    Skin Sensory neuron Motor neuron Muscle

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    The following is the correct combination.
    P - Skin                                
    Q - Sensory neuron
    R - Motor neuron            
    S - Muscle

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