JEE Main & Advanced Mathematics Permutations and Combinations Question Bank Critical Thinking Questions

  • question_answer A question paper is divided into two parts A and B and each part contains 5 questions. The number of ways in which a candidate can answer 6 questions selecting at least two questions from each part is [Roorkee 1980]

    A) 80

    B) 100

    C) 200

    D) None of these

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    The number of ways that the candidate may select 2 questions from \[A\] and 4 from \[B{{=}^{5}}{{C}_{2}}{{\times }^{5}}{{C}_{4}}\] 3 questions from \[A\] and 3 from \[B{{=}^{5}}{{C}_{3}}{{\times }^{5}}{{C}_{3}}\] 4 questions from \[A\] and 2 from \[B{{=}^{5}}{{C}_{4}}{{\times }^{5}}{{C}_{2}}\] Hence total number of ways are 200.

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