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    Which of the following is correct about BS -III vehicles in India?

    A) BS -III vehicles have been banned in India.

    B) Manufactures of BS -III vehicles will have to pay more tax for BS -III vehicles.

    C) BS-IV trucks are 80 per cent cleaner tea BS-III.

    D) both a and c

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Automobile Emission Control: Recent Supreme Court ruling has asserted that auto manufacturers cannot sell BS-III vehicles from April 1, when BS-IV compliance comes into force. BS -IV vehicles are relatively less polluting than BS-III vehicles. National Green Tribunal (NGT) has proposed ban diesel vehicles that are at least 10 years old from plying in the national capital region (NCR) centred on Delhi. Vehicular pollution can be controlled if the exhaust outlets of all motor vehicles are installed on the top instead of near the base. BS-IV trucks are 80 per cent cleaner than BS-III.

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