5th Class Mathematics Data Handling Question Bank Data Handling

  • question_answer Four balls A, B, C and D are placed inside a container, one after another. The bar graph shows the weight of the container when empty and when different balls are placed in it. Which ball is the heaviest?





    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Weight of an empty container = 80 g Weight of ball A + weight of container = 180 g \[\Rightarrow \]Weight of ball A = \[\left( 180-80 \right)\]g = 100 g Weight of (ball A + ball B + container) = 360 g \[\Rightarrow \]Weight of ball B \[=\text{ }\left( 360-180 \right)\]g = 180 g Weight of (ball A + ball B + ball C + container) =500g \[\Rightarrow \]Weight of ball C \[=\text{ }\left( 500-360 \right)\]g = 140 g Now, weight of (ball A + ball B + ball C + ball D + container) = 580 g \[\Rightarrow \]Weight of ball D \[=\text{ }\left( 580-500 \right)\]g = 80 g So, the ball B is the heaviest.


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