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    Direction (Qs. 39 to 42): Poori Mausi wants to make a new recipe for her family. She wanted to know the favorite vegetable of most of the members of the family. So she made a list of vegetables and asked all the members in her family to put '√' if they like that vegetable and put 'X' if they don't like that vegetable. When all the members were finished with their voting?s the list appeared to be like the one given below. Read the chart given below and answer the questions that follow.  

    After making so many mistakes she finally gave up. She want to make a list of vegetables starting from the vegetable which is mostly liked by her family to the vegetable which is not much liked by her family. Help Poori Mausi to arrange the vegetables in correct order.   
    A: Cauliflower
    B: Potato
    C: Onion
    D: Lady Finger
    E: Brinjal
    F: Capsicum





    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    The arrangement of vegetables from mostly liked to not much liked is given as Potato, Onion, (F) Capsicum, Lady Finger, Urinal and Cauliflower Therefore, the answer is option (b) BCFDEA.


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