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    Direction (Qs. 43 and 47): Chamanlal watchman gets a duty of recording the number of cars which are parked at the parking at different times on one day. He made a bar chart to show his recordings as given below.  

    Read the bar chart and match the following:

    A) A-1          B-3          C-4         D-2

    B) A-4          B-1          C-3         D-2

    C) A-3          B-1          C-2         D-4

    D) A-2          B-3          C-4         D-1

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Since, 60 cars were parked at 3 pm So, A \[\to \]3 10 cars were parked at 11 am So, B\[\to \]1 40 cars were parked at 1 pm So, C\[\to \]2 30 Cars were parked at 10 am So, D\[\to \]4 Therefore, the answer is option (c) 3124.


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