8th Class Mathematics Direct and Inverse Proportions Question Bank Direct and Inverse Proportions

  • question_answer Raghu has enough money to buy 75 machines worth Rs. 200 each. How many machines can he buy if he gets a discount of Rs. 50 on each machine?

    A)  180                            

    B)         200    

    C)         150                            

    D)         100    

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Let number of machines be y.
    No. of Machines 75 y
    Cost of each machine 200 (200-50)=150
    More the cost of machines, lesser the number of machines bought. So, it is a case of inverse proportion. Hence, \[75\times 200=y\times 150\] Or \[y=\frac{75\times 200}{150}=100\]


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