UPSC Physics Electric Current and Magnetism Question Bank Electricity, Magnetism and Light

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    Match the column -I and Column - II.
      Column-I    Column-II
    A. Myopia P. Convex lens
    B. Hypermetropia Q. Concave lens
    C. Presbyopia R. Cylindrical lens
    D. Astigmatism S. Bifocal Lens

    A) A-P;   B-Q;   C-S;   D-R

    B) A-P;   B-Q;   C-R;   D-S                          

    C) A-Q;   B-P;   C-S;   D-R                          

    D) A-Q;   B-P;   C-R;   D-S                             

    Correct Answer: C

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