Railways Technical Ability Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Question Bank Fluid Mechanics

  • question_answer A rectangular tank of base size \[3\,m\,\,\times \,\,3\,m\] contains oil of specific gravity 0.8 upto a height of 8 m. When it is accelerated at \[2.45\,\text{m/}{{\text{s}}^{\text{2}}}\] vertically upwards, the force on the base of the tank will be:

    A) 29400 N                       

    B) 38240 N

    C) 78400 N                       

    D) 49050 N

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Hydrostatic force \[=0.8\times {{10}^{3}}\times 9.80\times 8=62720\,N\downarrow \] Accelerating force \[=3\times 3\times 8\times 0.8\times {{10}^{3}}\times 2.45\] \[=141120\,N\uparrow \] Force on the base of the tank \[=141120-62720\] \[=78400\,N\uparrow \]

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