2nd Class Science Food, Shelter and Cloths Question Bank Food, Shelter and Cloths

  • question_answer Direction: Fill in the blanks in the passage given below: People wear a variety of clothes of different materials, colours and _______ (28) _______ We wear clothes according to climate, _______ (29) _______ and profession. We wear _______ (30) _______ clothes in summers. In winters we wear clothes made of _______ (31) _______. We wear _______ (32) _______ when we go to school and in some profession.           We wear _______ (33) _______ when we go to play in a park. A uniform helps us to _______ (34) _______ the profession of a person. We wear _______ (35) _______ when we go to the bed.            

    A)              make

    B)                            clean

    C)              identify                       

    D)              none

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :



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