11th Class Business Studies Forms Of Business Organisation Question Bank Forms Of Business Organisation (Higher)

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    Anju and Manju are two partners who are running a coaching centre. Manju is a dominating person and never gives importance to suggestions of Anju. She feels that her decision making is far better and Anju must follow what she decides. It led to disputes between them and finally Manju decided to quit and it led to dissolution of partnership.
    (a) Identify two limitations of partnership reflected in above case.
    (b) Identify two values that are missing.
    (c) Identify the form of business suitable for people like Manju.


    Ans.     (a) Two limitations of partnership are as follows:
    (i) Disagreement among the partners can lead to problems for the business.
    (ii) There is no continuity of existence. Partnership is dissolved if one of the partners dies or resigns or becomes bankrupt.
    (b) Two values that are missing:
    (i) Mutual trust: Manju is not trusting Anju and Anju is also unwilling to accept Manju's dominance.
    (ii) Giving respect to others: Manju is not giving any respect to Anju's ideas
    (c) People like Manju should select Sole Proprietor form of business as gives complete control over the organization and 100% decision making power.

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