11th Class Business Studies Forms Of Business Organisation Question Bank Forms Of Business Organisation (Higher)

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    A minor wants to do some economic activity as he has lost his parents. No one is giving him job as child labour is banned. He has no source of income and there is no guardian who can take care of him.
    (a) Which economic activity can he get engaged in for his survival?
    (b) Explain the limitations of law of child labour in the light of above case.


    Ans.     (a) Certainly no person will be willing to hire a minor as it is not allowed as per labour laws. He cannot start a business as he cannot enter into contracts. He can provide services like delivering newspaper cleaning cars which are not legally allowed but are present in practice.
    (b) The above case highlights the limitations of law of child labour in India. When government has banned child labour then government must have sufficient funds and system whereby all minors who do not have aguardian are taken care by the government institutions but in India government is not able to provide this facility. On the one hand government is not playing role of a guardian and on the other hand they are not allowed to get engaged in an economic activity. Hence we are not leaving any option for them except becoming beggars. Therefore it is a compulsion for government to play role of a guardian for those minors who are orphans and no body to take care of.

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