4th Class Mathematics Geometry Question Bank Geometry

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    Direction (Qs. 27 to 30): Chinky was playing with a magic box. The magic about the box was it had number on it and the numbers on the opposite faces of the box add to 7. If the box looks like the picture given below then answer the questions that follow:  

    Which number will Chinky see if the turns left turn 2 i.e.  

    A) 3                                 

    B) 4   

    C) 5                     

    D) 6

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

        If Chinky turns left turn 2 then the box will become  Here? is the number on the opposite side of 3. So, the number will be 7 ? 3 = 4. Therefore the answer is option (b) 4           


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