4th Class Mathematics Geometry Question Bank Geometry

  • question_answer Direction: Read the sentence and fill up the blanks with correct option. A right angle measures ___ (i) ___. An ___ (ii) ___ angle is less than\[{{90}^{o}}\].A ___ (iii) ___ angle measures to two right angles. An obtuse angle is greater than a ____ (iv) ___ angle and less than a straight angle. A \[{{150}^{o}}\]angle is an ___ (v) ___ angle.

    A) (i)\[{{90}^{o}}\](ii) actue (iii) straight (iv) right (v) obtuse

    B) (i)\[{{180}^{o}}\](ii) obtuse (iii) acute (iv) \[{{90}^{o}}\](v) straight

    C) (i)\[{{30}^{o}}\](ii) straight (iii) acute (iv) right (v) obtuse

    D) (i)\[{{90}^{o}}\](ii) straight (iii) acute (iv) obtuse (v) right

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

        (i)\[{{90}^{o}}\](ii) actue (iii) straight (iv) right (v) obtuse


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