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          Which of the following facilities are included in recently launched Smart Toilets?
    (1) Mobile Charging    
    (2) Bank ATM
    (3) Water ATM

    A) 1, 3           

    B) 1, 2

    C)  2, 3                

    D) All of the above

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    All of the Above. The Minister launched free to use 'Smart Toilets' set up by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) under PPP model at National Gallery of Art on Shershah Road, opposite Haryana Bhawan on Copernicus Marg and near Tolstoy Marg Metro Station.Each such complex has one WC toilet seat and four urinals for gents, one WC each for women and differently abled, Water ATM, Bank ATM and Digital Health Centres. Other facilities are- Mobile Charging and four other Public Toilet Utilities. The NDMC will set-up 101 Smart Public Toilets in different areas of the capital out of which five have been constructed and another twelve are likely to be set-up by end of January, 2017. The rest of the Smart Toilets will be completed by June, 2017.

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