4th Class Mathematics Data Handling Question Bank Handling Data

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    Direction: The bar graph shows the number of pupils in a class taking part in a mathematics competition over five years.                  
    What amount is collected over the five given years if the same fee of Rs. 30 per pupil is charged?

    A)  Rs. 1800        

    B)    Rs. 1200        

    C)    Rs. 6000        

    D)    Rs. 2400

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Amount charged per pupil = Rs. 30 Total no. of participants over the 5 given years \[=\text{3}+\text{6}+\text{9}+\text{1}0+\text{12}=\text{4}0\] \[\therefore \] Total amount collected \[=\text{4}0\times \]  Rs. 30 = Rs. 1200


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