JEE Main & Advanced Physics Current Electricity, Charging & Discharging Of Capacitors Question Bank Heating Effect of Current

  • question_answer The internal resistance of a primary cell is 4 ohm. It generates a current of 0.2 amp in an external resistance of 21 ohm. The rate at which chemical energy is consumed in providing the current is                                            [MP PMT 1994]

    A)            \[0.42\,J/s\]                         

    B)            \[0.84\,J/s\]

    C)            \[5\,J/s\]                               

    D)            \[1\,J/s\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

                       \[\frac{H}{t}={{i}^{2}}R\]. Here total \[R=(21+4)=25\,\,\Omega \]            Þ Rate of energy consumed \[=0.2\times 0.2\times 25\]\[=\,1\,\,J/s\]


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