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  • question_answer Consider the following data for the performance of a centrifugal pump: Speed: 1200 rpm, flow rate 30 \[l/s,\] head 5 k W If the speed is increased to 1500 rpm, the power will be nearly equal to:

    A) 6.5 kW             

    B) 8.7 kW

    C) 9.8 kW             

    D) 10.9 kW

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    \[P\alpha {{N}^{3}}.{{P}_{2}}={{P}_{1}}{{\left( \frac{{{N}_{2}}}{{{N}_{1}}} \right)}^{3}}=5{{\left( \frac{1500}{1200} \right)}^{3}}\] = 9.8 kW

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