5th Class English Everyday usage and Grammer Question Bank Integrated Grammar Exercise - II

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    Read the following extract taken from "The Room on the Roof" and complete the passage by choosing the options given below:
    All hope left Rusty as he staggered _(16)_ the hill, weak and __(17)_. He could not _(18)_ clearly; he knew he hadn't eaten _(19)_ morning, and cursed _(20)_ for not _(21)__ Mrs. Kapoor's hospitality. He was hungry, he _(22)_ thirsty; he was tormented _(23)__ thoughts of what __(24)_ have happened to Kishan, of what might __(25)_....

    A)  exhausted                    

    B)  exhausting

    C)  exhaust          

    D)  exhausts

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

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