Railways Technical Ability Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Question Bank Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

  • question_answer        The effective jet exit velocity from a rocket is 2700 m/s. The forward flight velocity is 1350 m/s. the propulsive efficiency of the unit is:        

    A) 200%               

    B) 100%        

    C) 66.666%                       

    D) 33.333%   

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Propulsive efficiency, \[{{\eta }_{p}}=\frac{2\,{{v}_{f}}}{{{v}_{g}}+{{v}_{f}}}=\frac{2\times 1350}{2700+1350}=\frac{2}{3}=66.666%\]

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