11th Class Business Studies Internal Trade Question Bank Internal Trade (Higher)

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    What difficulties will be faced by the manufacturers if wholesalers are eliminated from the chain?


    Ans.     Manufacturer gets following services from retailer which he will not be able to get if wholesaler is eliminated from the chain.
    (i) By selling under his own brand name the wholesaler often relieves the manufacturer of the need to advertise his product.
    (ii) The wholesaler removes goods in larger quantities as they are produced, thus clearing the production lines.
    (iii) By warehousing the goods the wholesaler bridges the time gap between production and consumption, leaving the manufacturer free to concentrate on his specialised activities.
    (iv) He eliminates the need for a marketing system with all that involves in terms of warehousing space, distribution network, sales staff, accounting records, and debt collection.
    (v) By paying promptly the wholesaler reduces the working capital required by the manufacturers.

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