11th Class Business Studies Internal Trade Question Bank Internal Trade (Higher)

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    What difficulties will be faced by the consumers if retailers are eliminated from the chain?


    Ans.     If retailers are removed, it will lead to direct marketing. In general, you cannot save money by "eliminating the middleman" because intermediaries specialize in performing certain tasks that they can perform more cheaply than the manufacturer.
    Most grocery products are most efficiently sold to the consumer through retail stores that take a modest mark-up-it would not make sense for manufacturers to ship their grocery products in small quantities directly to consumers.
    Intermediaries perform tasks such as
    1. Moving the goods efficiently (e.g., large quantities are moved from factories or warehouses to retail stores);
    2. Breaking bulk (manufacturers sell to a modest number of wholesalers in large quantities-quantities are then gradually broken down as they make their way toward the consumer);
    3. Consolidating goods (retail stores carry a wide assortment of goods from different manufacturers-e.g., super markets span from toilet paper to catsup); and Aiding services (e.g., demonstrations and repairs).
    4. If these middlemen are eliminated, they will face absence of these functions which will be troublesome for them.

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