10th Class English Jumbled Sentence Question Bank Jumbled Sentences

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    Select options showing a sensible and meaningful serial order of the jumbled sentences.
    [a] In contrast, laser light is highly directional; in other words, it travels only in one direction.
    [b] For example, a beam of laser light 13 mm wide will spread only about 7.5 cm after travelling a distance of 1.5 kms.
    [c] Laser light has characteristics that distinguishes it from the light produced by other sources such as an electric bulb, a fluorescent lamp or the Sun.
    [d] More especially, laser light travels in a narrow beam, the sides of which stay almost parallel.
    [e] The light from other sources travels in all directions.

    A)  c, d, b, e, a          

    B)         b, d, e, a, c   

    C)  e, c, b, a, d        

    D)         e, d, b, a, c

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

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