4th Class English Letter Writing Question Bank Letter Writing

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    Direction (Qs. 6 to 14): Given below letters with so many mistakes. Mistakes are marked bold and underlined, re-write the letters correctly.

    1. You are living in a hostel in Dehradun. Write a letter to your father, who lives in Pune, to send you some money as you urgently require to buy some books and stationary.
    Modern School
    20th March 2013.
    My dear Father!
    I am well here and wish to here the same from you. Today I got the result of our final (6. xams) in which I have secure 3rd rank in my (7. Sekson) with highest marks in English (8. grammer). Spelling, (9. Diktason) and (10. Envirmental) studies. Now I am prompted to class-5 and very (11. Excit) to join the new class. Our classes will (12. Comense) from 10th April 2013. In the (13. Meenwhyle) I need to bring some books and stationary so please send me Rs 6000/- to enable me buys the (14. Nidful).
    Hope mother and my little sister are do well. I miss you all very much and had think of joining you all after my term end but could not due to our extracurricular activities in school. Take care.
    With Love!
    Your loving son Ayush.

    A) dictasion         

    B)  dictation       

    C)  dilation                      

    D)  no change

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :



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