9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions Question Bank Long Answer Type Questions - Working of Institutions

  • question_answer How does the Indian Parliament control the executive?


    (a) In a parliamentary democracy, the Parliament has the power to keep the executive under control. The Parliament controls the executive through various means. (b) The most common way is to ask questions during Question Hour, to seek information from the government about its policies and performance. Through questioning, the inefficiency of the government can be brought to light. Attention motion and short notice questions are other devices used by the members to elicit information. (c) Adjournment motions may be made by the members to draw the attention of the government on urgent matters. (d) Another important way is to move a no confidence motion. If the House passes a vote of no confidence, the government has to resign. (e) During Question 'Hour, two types of questions can be asked starred and unstirred. A starred question requires an oral answer. Questions without stars are given written answers. (f) In case of starred questions, members can ask supplementary questions connected with the reply given and this ensures response of the government to Parliament.


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