10th Class Social Science Resources and Development Question Bank Long Answer Type - Resources and Development

  • question_answer Which is the most widely spread and important soil of India? State any six characteristics of this type of soil.                                                                                                                                                       [Foreign 2008]


    The most widely spread and important soil of India is alluvial soil. Six characteristics of this soil are:

    (i) Alluvial soil is formed by the deposition of materials brought down by the Himalayan rivers.
    (ii) Highly fertile.
    (iii) Consists of various proportions of sand, silt and clay.
    (iv) It is rich in potash, phosphoric acid and lime but deficient in organic matter.
    (v) Soils in dry regions are more alkaline and can be made productive after proper treatment and irrigation.
    (vi) They are of two types Khader and Bangar. Khader soils is new alluvial soil which is fine and fertile, while Bangar soils is old alluvial soil which is coarse and less fertile.
    (vii) It supports a large variety of crops like paddy, sugar cane, wheat and pulses.
    (Any six)

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