10th Class Social Science Resources and Development Question Bank Long Answer Type - Resources and Development

  • question_answer How does land degradation takes place through human activities in India. Explain any three measures to control their degradation.                                                                                                          [Foreign 2007]


    Land degradation is caused due to

    (i) Soil erosion in hills, arid and semi arid areas.
    (ii) Human activities such as over grazing by animals, shifting cultivation.
    (iii) Deforestation.
    (iv) Careless management of forests.
    (v) Mining and industry are the two important activities which cause land degradation.
    Measures of controlling land degradation:
    (i) Check soil erosion by construction of terraces for farming and plugging of gullies by construction of check dams.
    (ii) Preparation of shelter belt of plants.
    (iii) Control of overgrazing.
    (iv) Stabilisation of sand dunes by growing thorny bushes.
    (v) Moisture conservation and weed control in agricultural lands.
    (vi) Regularization of grazing.
    (vii) Proper management of wastelands.
    (viii) Control of mining.

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