12th Class Accountancy Accounting Ratios Question Bank MCQs - Accounting Ratios

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    Match the followings:
    1. Debt equity ratio (a) Net profit before interest and tax/Fixed interest charges
    2. Total asset to debt ratio (b) Debt/Equity
    3. Proprietary ratio (c) Total asset/ debt
    4. Interest coverage ratio (d) Equity/ Total asset

    A) 1-[b]; 2-[c]; 3-[d]; 4-[a]

    B) 1-[b]; 2-[d]; 3-[c]; 4-[a]

    C) 1-[d]; 2-[b]; 3-[c]; 4-[a]

    D) 1-[d]; 2-[c]; 3-[a]; 4-[b]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    1-[b]; 2-[c]; 3-[d]; 4-[a]

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