4th Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Question Bank Measurement

  • question_answer Sameer has 72.38 m of rope. He cuts off 4 pieces of rope, each measuring 8.3 m. He then shared the remaining rope equally with 2 friends. How much rope does each of them get?

    A)  39.18 m                     

    B)  13.06 m         

    C)    105.58 m       

    D)    33.2 m

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Total length of the rope = 72.38 m The length of each of the 4 equal pieces cut off = 8.3 m \[\therefore \] Total length of the rope cut off \[=\text{ 8}.\text{3 m }\times \text{ 4 }=\text{ 33}.\text{2 m}\] The length of the remaining rope \[=\text{ 72}.\text{38 m}-\text{33}.\text{2 m }=\text{39}.\text{18 m}\] The length of the rope each of Sameer and his 2 friends got \[\text{39}.\text{18 m }\div \text{ 3}=\text{13}.0\text{6 m}\]


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