Railways Technical Ability Metal Forming, Casting and Cutting Question Bank Metal Casting

  • question_answer Three immiscible liquids of specific densities \[\rho ,\,2\rho \] and \[3\rho \] are kept in a jar. The height of the liquids a jar and at the piezometer fitted to the bottom of the air are as shown in the given figure. The ratio H/h is:

    A) 4                                 

    B) 3.5              

    C) 3                                 

    D) 2.5

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    \[(3\rho h+3ph+3\rho h)g=3\rho gH\] \[9\rho gh=3\rho gh,\,or\,H/h=3\]

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